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Ramón A. Losada Menéndez

 La intención de este sitio es presentar nuevas ideas y realizaciones hechas con LEDs y materiales de sustentación diversos, con fines de Decoración , iluminación o inclusive Arte, para promover el uso de los DEL ( Diodos Emisores de Luz ), como la LUZ, en todo sentido, para el Futuro ecológico de nuestro Planeta.

The intention of this site is to present new ideas and works made with LEDs and different materials of sustentation to create Decoration, Ilumination or Art, to promote the use of LEDs ( Light Emiting Diodes) in every posible sense for the Ecological Future of our Planet.

Mo = Moncho= Ramón

                                         Mo =  Moncho = Ramón.

Next I present some other displays,  made at hand by me,  with LEDs and suport materials like Acrilic and others, they represent members of my Big Family and some  other practical aplications of my Tecnique with LEDs, like the Number of a House, Ilumination in a Kitchen an so on...In terms of decoration and ilumination at home level, the flexibility of this tec. allows to make uniques and personalized ítems...

                                           Maite is my grandougther, that iluminates my life.

             The  dot of Maite is a very high intensity blue LED... And I am at her side....


                               Mai= Maitaki , in Rapa-Nui.  He is my youngest Son...

                      He born in Easter Island and grow up there until the age of 16...

              Now He lives in Santiago de Chile and the 6 of June it will be 18 !....OMG! 

               This very simple Display I create is made with normal yellows LED´s

                  and high intensity  Blues.   Is mounted in transparent acrilic.

                               Max=Maximiliano Losada       PIPEX= Felipe Losada

 Son mis queridos sobrinos, hijos de mi hermano menor ,que dejó este mundo a los 33 años...

                                                     Xo = Xosefa Losada Menéndez, is my oldest Sister .  

                                            This dispaly was made with HI Blue LEDs

                             Now I am making a new versión of it with the last tec of LED´s

    She normaly put´s this display like a lamp near her computer and iluminates the entire room with

       a marvelous semi-coherent celestial ligh ...Is a unique thing to have a lamp like this ...isn´t ?

The number of a House

Ilumination made with withe HI LEDs of 3W that reemplaces a fluorescent tube of 40 W this in my kitchnet...and if the electricity goes off this lamp of LED´s remain on for more that 18 hrs with a small recargable battery !

Another wiew of the ilumination example.

And finaly by now... my Big Brother...In a next proyect I will make his [ Wings] with LEDs ,that are the figure of a Complexor  created by him...Meta Learning and the Losada Line & Zone...l

 Val = Valentina my oldet granddougther


The same iluminating my workshop

My hand iluminated by Val...


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